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Prebuilt, Comprehensive & Customizable

Turn any taxonomy project from a challenging build to a simple edit. Available in formats to support multiple enterprise applications, WAND Taxonomies jump-start any taxonomy initiative and are available for every industry vertical and business function.

What is a Taxonomy?

A taxonomy is a set of concepts organized into a hierarchical structure covering a topical domain. You could think of it as a structured vocabulary. Taxonomies are used to organize and label information, data, or objects in a way that makes them easier to find, analyze, and use.

A visual representation of a hierarchical taxonomy (level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, level 5, level 6 stacked on top of each other)

Taxonomies Alphabetically

Accounting Taxonomy

Aerospace Engineering Taxonomy

Air Traffic Control Taxonomy

Asset Status Taxonomy

Automotive Manufacturing Taxonomy

Banking Taxonomy

Building and Construction Management Taxonomy

Cannabis Taxonomy

Chemicals Taxonomy

Consulting Services Taxonomy

Customer Service Taxonomy

Digital Transformation Technologies Taxonomy

Drug Development and Manufacturing Taxonomy

Electric Utilities Taxonomy

Engineering Taxonomy

Environmental Taxonomy

Facilities Management Taxonomy

Finance and Investment Taxonomy

Fire Department Taxonomy

Fleet Management Taxonomy

Food and Beverage Manufacturing Taxonomy

Gas Utilities Taxonomy

Health Insurance Taxonomy

Higher Education Taxonomy

Hospitality Taxonomy

Human Resources Taxonomy

Information Sensitivity Taxonomy

Information Technology Taxonomy

Information Technology Certifications Taxonomy

Instruction Manual Taxonomy

Insurance Taxonomy

Intellectual Property Taxonomy

K-12 Education Taxonomy

Lean Quality Taxonomy

Legal Taxonomy

Life Insurance Taxonomy

Lifecycle Taxonomy

Local Government Taxonomy

Logistics Taxonomy

Lumber Manufacturing and Forestry Management Taxonomy

Management Taxonomy

Manufacturing Taxonomy

Medical Administration Taxonomy

Medical Conditions Taxonomy

Medical Devices Taxonomy

Medical Specialties Taxonomy

Metaverse Taxonomy

Mining Taxonomy

Nonprofit Taxonomy

Nuclear Decommissioning Taxonomy

Oil and Gas Taxonomy

Online and In-Person Learning Taxonomy

PII Taxonomy

Packaging Taxonomy

Paper Manufacturing Taxonomy

Police Department Taxonomy

Procurement Taxonomy

Project Management Taxonomy

Property and Casualty Insurance Taxonomy

Railroad Taxonomy

Real Estate Taxonomy

Records Retention Taxonomy

Research and Development Taxonomy

Retail Taxonomy

Sales and Marketing Taxonomy

Semiconductor Manufacturing Taxonomy

Sensory Taxonomy

Sentiment Taxonomy

Shipbuilding Taxonomy

Smart City Taxonomy

Soft Skills and Broad Hard Skills Taxonomy

Telecommunications Taxonomy

Transportation Taxonomy

Travel Taxonomy

United States Armed Forces Taxonomy

Utilities Taxonomy

Wastewater Utilities Taxonomy

Water Utilities Taxonomy

Wholesale Taxonomy

Workplace Health and Safety Taxonomy

Service Industries
Business Functions

Best-in-Class Taxonomies

WAND specializes in developing precise and best-in-class taxonomies covering a wide variety of domains. WAND Taxonomies are available for licensing in applications that have a need to better organize data and content. WAND follows the ANSI/NISO Z39.19 standard for taxonomy development. Our methodologies include leveraging taxonomy development experts, domain research, and customer feedback to develop vocabularies that offer a clear knowledge representation for any given domain. We analyze user behavior whenever possible to augment vocabularies with new concepts or terminology. Finally, we leverage proprietary software and computational linguistic techniques to assist our human editors in creating the best taxonomies possible.


WAND Taxonomies can be used in more than 150 common enterprise applications and are available through the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal.

New Taxonomies!

Consulting Services Taxonomy

Consulting Services Taxonomy

There are times in every business when someone with very specific skills is needed. That is why consultants are so important. But without well-organized information and data, consulting services become inefficient and ineffective. Don’t currently have a strategy in place for data organization? Have no fear! WAND can help! WAND’s Consulting Services Taxonomy can help you organize your documents with ease, train your AI with speed, and begin using your company’s documents and data more efficiently in no time! As with all our taxonomies, this strong foundation metadata model can be customized to include additional terms related to your specific needs or industry.

This taxonomy contains 473 terms and 594 synonyms. Top-level terms include:

• Consultant Qualifications (37)
• Documents and Records (85)
• Consultants (72)
• Consulting Project Lifecycle (189)
• Consulting Risks (46)
• Metrics (38)

Instruction Manual Taxonomy

Instruction Manual Taxonomy

Instruction Manuals are everywhere. We use them when we acquire a new device, a piece of equipment, or a new automobile. There are instruction manuals for all kinds of products, for the assembly of a product, for the decommissioning of a product, for the operation and maintenance of a product, for the servicing of a product, and that is only the beginning. When you have a piece of equipment that needs servicing, the last thing you want to do is spend time searching for its specific instruction manual. This taxonomy includes terms found in areas within an instruction manual and allows you to make the most of the manuals in your collection. It also allows you to find a specific manual in a fraction of the time it would take to search file after file until you find the one you are after. As with all our taxonomies, this strong foundation metadata model can be customized to include additional terms relating to your specific needs or industry.

This taxonomy contains 190 terms and 476 synonyms. Top-level terms include:

• Instruction Manuals (16)
• Manual Design (42)
• Cover Page (16)
• Title Page (4)
• Contents Section (7)
• Introduction (2)
• Product Information (37)
• Instruction Categories (37)
• Terms and Conditions of Use (3)
• Additional Resources (16)

PII Taxonomy

PII Taxonomy

Personal Identifiable Information, or PII, is any information that helps with the identification of an individual, either directly or indirectly. That can include an individual’s name, address, personal identification numbers, as well as personal characteristics and biometric identifiers. They can be combined with less direct identification elements such as gender, race, birth date, geographic indicators, and other descriptors as well. All of that is data, and it is data that is being stored for future reference. But is it being filed efficiently? Is it easily retrievable? Chances are, it is lost in the vast reservoirs of stored data. This is where the WAND PII Taxonomy comes into play. You can organize your documents with ease, train your AI with speed, and begin using PII to find your documents and data immediately! As with all our taxonomies, this strong foundation metadata model can be customized to include additional terms related to your specific needs or industry.

This taxonomy contains 375 terms and 619 synonyms. Top level terms include:
• Fair Information Practices (17)
• Personally Identifiable Information (228)
• PII Certifications (6)
• PII Classifications (6)
• PII Confidentiality Impacts (29)
• PII Governance (73)
• Privacy Laws (9)

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