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WAND Taxonomy Library Portal

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Taxonomy maximizes the ROI

from enterprise information management applications

Did you know that more than 150 common enterprise information management applications work better when you combine them with taxonomy? Content management systems, enterprise search, big data, textual analytics, data mining, digital asset management, spend and procurement, master data management, eCommerce, records management, and enterprise asset management are all examples of software categories that can benefit from taxonomy. Every major enterprise software vendor has one or more applications that are better if you use taxonomy.

Most major organizations have already purchased 10-20 applications that would be more effective if paired with a well thought out taxonomy. Millions of dollars have been invested in these applications already. Companies who want to maximize this software investment need to have a taxonomy strategy.

Download the WAND White Paper "Building the Business Case for Taxonomy" to learn more about how taxonomy adds value to your enterprise by increasing efficiency and improving utilization of information assets.

Access to Taxonomies Developed by Professionals

The WAND Taxonomy Library Portal gives users complete access to the WAND Taxonomy Library. Search and browse through any of the WAND Taxonomies to find the taxonomy branches and terms that meet your project needs. Multiple download formats are available so the taxonomy can be imported and used in a wide variety of enterprise software applications. WAND has designed this portal to make it as easy as possible for our customers to access the exact taxonomy they need to make existing enterprise information management software work better.


Access to the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal is available on a per application or enterprise-wide basis. Single application access allows the taxonomies to be used in a named application while enterprise access allows taxonomy to be used in any of your internal information management software applications. Access is offered on an annual basis with multi-year commitment discounts available. At the end of your access, you can continue to use the taxonomy content you have accessed for your licensed application at no additional cost.

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