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What clients are saying about the wand taxonomy library portal

"It was much easier to get my thinking straight once I had the magic WAND Taxonomy at my fingertips. It gave me the self-confidence, expertise, and insights to rebuild our HR business taxonomy. I didn't have to start from scratch but simply had to see how to adapt the WAND foundational taxonomy to our organization and refine it as needed. It not only saved time and money but was a real confidence booster. I had something to benchmark against when discussing the taxonomy needs with clients. The customer support from WAND has also been outstanding!"

"Having the taxonomies on hand has really jump-started our document management process and provided us with a back-end organization that would have taken many months to get going.”

“The Taxonomies saved us a huge amount of time. We were able to deliver value immediately where without WAND, it would have taken many months for us to deliver a less useful, incomplete solution.“

“We searched the market - worldwide - to find a firm that could help us and WAND was hands down the most comprehensive assembly of deep and wide taxonomies, requiring only two clicks to import into our workflow and only a few days to incorporate into our product architecture, seeing immediate results. Also, WAND is the easiest company I have been lucky enough to work with - so a winning combination.”

"We were able to customize the Human Resources Taxonomy in less than a day to make it a perfect fit for that department. We only needed to add 50 terms, which was less than 5% of the total."

"The WAND Taxonomy is proving to be very useful and will save us a lot of time in our deployment since we don't have to create a taxonomy from scratch."

“People are experts at what they do, but (are) not experts in taxonomy building. Editing the pre-built taxonomies provides an easy contextual reference.”

“The prebuilt taxonomies required about 10% customization and enabled the default search to be quickly implemented.”

“Helps with faster adoption – Users see relevant search terms quickly.”

“Pointers suggested by WAND allowed me to socialize the benefits of the taxonomy and gain business acceptance.”

“Your work for us has been excellent and the libraries were a godsend for us. I look forward to working together in the future.”

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