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WAND Taxonomy Suites

The WAND Taxonomy Suites are Taxonomy packages that include all the relevant domains of knowledge for your specific industry. From Health Care to Aerospace to Utilities, there is a suite curated for you in your organization! 


Each suite outlines the WAND Taxonomies that address all of the knowledge domains for a specific industry, company, or organization. Within the chosen suite, there are taxonomies that relate to the specific field as well as taxonomies that relate to the operations of the enterprise.

Explore the thirty-two suites below to find the one for you and your company and explore the contained taxonomies. Then, contact us to schedule a web conference call to talk about your use case and how you can take full advantage of these suites and what they have to offer in your business.

Want to check out all the Taxonomies?

WAND has over one hundred different categories that cover numerous knowledge domains and can be used in more than 150 common enterprise applications. These are all available through the WAND Taxonomy Library PortalYou can check out a full list of taxonomies here or find an applicable suite from the list above to find a hand-picked, curated list of taxonomies relevant to your industry.

Newest Taxonomies:

Asset Status Taxonomy

There are 13 terms in the WAND Asset Status Taxonomy. Designed to provide terminology describing the status of business assets, the Asset Status Taxonomy can be used to find documents relating to assets throughout all types of businesses and industries.

Travel Taxonomy

The WAND Travel Taxonomy contains 2,266 categories and 416 synonyms covering all the areas that are a part of the travel experience.

The WAND Travel Taxonomy includes Accommodations, Activities, Destinations, Lifestyle, Transportation, and Travel Services.

This taxonomy can quickly be customized to meet the needs of any company within the travel industry.

Medical Conditions Taxonomy

The WAND Medical Conditions Taxonomy is comprised of 925 terms and 233 synonyms. It covers medical conditions such as cancer, anemia, disabilities, infectious diseases, Musculoskeletal Diseases, Pregnancy, Respiratory Tract Diseases, Skin Diseases, and more.

Organized into a simple and straightforward hierarchy, this taxonomy is ideal for a hospital or other medical business that wants to help make medical information easy to find for doctors, patients, and other stakeholders.


"The Taxonomies saved us a huge amount of time. We were able to deliver value immediately where without WAND, it would have taken many months for us to deliver a less useful, incomplete solution."

"We searched the marked –– worldwide –– to find a firm that could help us and WAND Was hands down the most comprehensive assembly of deep and wide taxonomies, requiring only two clicks to import into our workflow and only a few days to incorporate into our product architecture, seeing immediate results."

"WAND only works with taxonomy and has been doing so since the 80's. What are the odds we could have created a complete list efficiently, or at all? Why try to recreate the wheel?

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