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WAND Review August '23 Edition

The latest WAND Taxonomies, Glossaries, CDMs, and Updates

Table of Contents:

New Glossary: WAND Aerospace Glossary

The WAND Aerospace Glossary covers all major topics and concepts found in the aerospace industry. It is comprised of 1,489 terms with definitions and 973 synonyms.

Top level terms include Aerospace Engineering Disciplines, Aerospace Materials, Aerospace Vehicles, Design, Documentation, Maintenance, and Research & Development.

The WAND Aerospace Glossary would be complimented by a variety of glossaries and taxonomies, most notably, the WAND Aerospace Engineering Taxonomy and Aerospace Taxonomy Suite. (View Taxonomy)

Taxonomies Overview

WAND talks a lot about taxonomies, but what are they really and how do they work? Taxonomies are in essence, and extremely powerful tool for organizing and managing your data or content into specific categories. They are systematic systems for organizing information in a structured manner for easy retrieval and analysis. Taxonomies are widely used in various fields from aerospace to wastewater.

Taxonomies are particularly useful in every company for organizing digital content such as databases and... Continue Reading

Structured Musings on Unstructured AI: How to Train Your AI

Microsoft's Bing is an emotionally manupulative liar. AI chatbot "Tay" turned racist in less than a day. ChatGPT is sexist. Headlines like these are becoming more and more frequent as AI chat bots become more popular. Their freakish ability to mimic natural human language is fueled by the unsupervised learning and deep learning strategies employed. The massive amounts of unstructured and unregulated text being fed to these engines from sources around the internet allow the bots to... Continue Reading

Structured Musings on Unstructured AI: Sentient AI

What is the meaning of the word: Sentient? Sentience refers to the ability of something to feel and perceive and show awareness of self.

Is AI becoming self-aware? How would we even know? And what does that mean for the people who work with AI engines and the public in general?

Large Language Models (LLMs) and chatbots are becoming increasingly popular and as more people have interactions with them, the more some worry that we are approaching the age of sentient AI. Continue Reading

What's in a Name?

Words can mean lots of different things depending on the context, audience, and industry. Understanding the differences and employing a company-wide glossary can avoid a lot of confusion in communications! Consider, if you will, the word...


  • To smooth something out in order to make it even.

  • A time of day, typically after sunset.

WANDReview AUG23
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