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WANDReview Mar '24 Edition

The latest WAND Taxonomies, Glossaries, CDMs, and Updates

New Glossary: WAND Real Estate Glossary

Navigating the landscape of real estate requires not only expertise but also a deep understanding of the industry's specific language. The Real Estate Glossary is your comprehensive guide to mastering this specialized vocabulary. Boasting of 162 terms with definitions and 148 synonyms, it stands as the quintessential tool for demystifying real estate terminology.

This glossary ensures that your company's employees can fluently speak the language of real estate. Curated to cater to the diversity within the field, this glossary can be personalized to include terms pertinent to particular areas of real estate, whether it be commercial, residential, development, or investment, guaranteeing precision and applicability.

Legal Taxonomy Update

This Legal Taxonomy update added over five hundred new terms and synonyms all centered around the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. With these new terms, WAND is confident that your company will be able to more effectively work with all the legal steps surrounding financial record keeping and reporting. All eleven titles and their corresponding sections are included in this update. Download the delta file now by visiting the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal and implement it into your system today.

Accounting Taxonomy Update

WAND figured that the Sarbanes-Oxley terms belonged in more than just the legal taxonomy. Since these terms deal directly with financial record keeping, it simply makes sense to keep them associated with other accounting terms. Like the Legal Taxonomy update, this file can be downloaded now by visiting the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal. Once downloaded, this file can be directly imported into your systems and in a matter of seconds, these hundreds of terms will be active and available for use!

Aerospace Taxonomy Updates

Aerospace is a quickly changing field and as such, WAND often adds updates to their aerospace taxonomy to closely match the most updated information in the field. WAND is constantly adding new terms to our taxonomies to better serve you and your organization. As with all our taxonomies, this strong foundation metadata model can be customized to include additional terms related to your specific needs. Please visit our portal for a full list of changes and to download the Aerospace Taxonomy Update into your system.

What's in a Name?

Words can mean lots of different things depending on the context, audience, and industry. Understanding the differences and employing a company-wide glossary can avoid a lot of confusion in communications! Consider, if you will, the word...


  • A light, bouncing step

  • To omit

  • To abandon an undertaking

WANDReview MAR24
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