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WAND Review September '23 Edition

The latest WAND Taxonomies, Glossaries, CDMs, and Updates

Table of Contents:

New Taxonomy: WAND Transportation Taxonomy

Transportation. From the bustling city streets to remote country roads, the world of moving from one place to another is an adventure in itself. Whether you're jetting off to exotic destinations or moving goods from one location to another, the realm of transportation involves a labyrinth of information and logistics. Those engaged in the transportation industry must grapple with an array of data: schedules, routes, fares, regulations –– the list goes on and on. Without streamlined management of these details, a smooth journey can quickly spiral into a chaotic mess of logistical nightmares.

Worry not! Your voyage to efficient transportation management starts here! WAND's Transportation Taxonomy is the ultimate companion in untangling the intricate web of transportation data. Organize your documents with ease, train your AI with speed, and begin to use your company's documents and data in no time! As with all our taxonomies, this strong foundation metadata model can be customized to include additional terms relating to your specific needs or industry.

Aerospace Taxonomy Update

Aerospace may just be one of the fastest-expanding industries in the world right now! Here at WAND, we are dedicated to staying on top of the latest trends and advancements. In the newest aerospace taxonomy update, we focused heavily on missiles and rockets as well as empennage components such as stabilizers. We have also added numerous synonyms to better support your tagging and search efforts regardless of department nomenclature.

This is just a small sample of the updates and additions made to this taxonomy. Please visit the portal for a full list.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Taxonomy Updates

Volatile and Nonvolatile Memory: an important component to the industry of semiconductor manufacturing. In the new update, WAND has ensured not only that this taxonomy includes all relevant volatile and nonvolatile memory terms, but also ensured that relevant synonyms are now a part of the package.

This is just a small sample of the updates and additions made to this taxonomy. Please visit the portal for a full list.

Sales and Marketing Taxonomy Updates

Floor Plans. Sales Promotion. Online Marketing Benchmarks. Marketing Data Management. These high-level terms give you just a small glimpse into the massive, 2,216-term update which WAND just released for our Sales and Marketing Taxonomy! You do not want to miss all of the great new terms and synonyms now included in this vital taxonomy! Sales and marketing are important to every business, which is why we put such importance on ensuring the most up-to-date terms are included in your product.

What's in a Name?

Words can mean lots of different things depending on the context, audience, and industry. Understanding the differences and employing a company-wide glossary can avoid a lot of confusion in communications! Consider, if you will, the word...


  • A piece of equipment used when playing tennis or similar sports

  • A loud, unpleasant noise-caused disruption

WANDReview SEP23
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