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. . .there was a better way to

organize data & information

at scale

WAND can help.

WAND Product Catalogs

Below you will find PDF downloads of our various product catalogs: our WAND Taxonomy Catalog, WAND Glossary Catalog, WAND Common Data Model Catalog, and WAND Taxonomy Suite Catalog.

Each catalog contains product information which will help your company make a decision regarding which product will best suit your individual needs and parameters.


Turn any taxonomy project from a challenging build to a simple edit. Available in formats to support multiple enterprise applications, WAND Foundation Taxonomies jump-start any taxonomy initiative and are available for every industry vertical and business function.


Business Glossaries are a critical ingredient to data catalog initiatives and for effective data analysis in an organization. A business glossary ensures that data elements are labeled correctly so accurate analysis can take place.

WAND Taxonomy Suites

The WAND Taxonomy Suites are Taxonomy packages that include all the relevant domains of knowledge for your specific industry. From Health Care to Aerospace to Utilities, there is a suite curated for you in your organization! 

WAND Common Data Models

Our WAND Common Data Models help you add the small details to your data project by expanding the depth of the systems that are already in place. From Cash Flow Statements to Indemnification Contracts, you can find the document or record that you need to get your project up and running in a fraction of the time.


Our premium partnership program makes WAND Taxonomies available to leading technology vendors offering taxonomy-enabled solutions. Contact us to learn about becoming a WAND Within partner.

Featured Video

What is the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal?


WAND has created numerous taxonomies to provide data models for knowledge management. Things like the SharePoint Term Store are empty right out of the box, which is where taxonomies become useful. Taxonomies provide the structure for those knowledge management applications.


The WAND Taxonomy Library Portal is the space where all of the taxonomies reside for download into your knowledge management application. This video discusses the importance of taxonomies for your company and walks through how to use the Taxonomy Library Portal and import your new taxonomy.

WAND Partners

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The WAND Technology Partner Program is designed to make WAND's leading taxonomies available to software and technology providers who can leverage taxonomies within their applications to deliver greater value to their customers.


“The Taxonomies saved us a huge amount of time. We were able to deliver value immediately where without WAND, it would have taken many months for us to deliver a less useful, incomplete solution.“

"Having the taxonomies on hand has really jump-started our document management process and provided us with a back-end organization that would have taken many months to get going.”

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