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WAND Oil and Gas Taxonomy

We are proud to announce the release of our brand new Oil and Gas Taxonomy. The WAND Oil and Gas Taxonomy contains 1513 terms with 270 synonyms and includes both upstream and downstream topics for the oil and gas industry including exploration, drilling, petroleum recovery, refining, gas processing, geology, equipment and supplies, environmental, safety, and more.

The oil and gas industry has been proactive in implementing ECM solutions; WAND's Oil and Gas Taxonomy is a terrific high quality pre-built taxonomy that can jump-start tagging of oil and gas related documents. The taxonomy covers important petroleum and natural gas industry processes, topics, functions, and business areas.

This Oil and Gas Taxonomy can easily be integrated into the term store as managed metadata for a SharePoint 2010 project or in Oracle UCM, Documentum, MarkLogic, or any other application that supports use of taxonomy.

WAND Oil and Gas Taxonomy helps tag

oil and gas documents with relevant industry metadata

If you have an ECM project and you understand how important taxonomy is, using a pre-built foundation taxonomy is always a smart way to get things started. Instead of starting from scratch, start with something that can be customized for your business and that gives your key stakeholders something to touch and feel when they give feedback about what is important to them.

As always, if you'd like to take a look the WAND Oil and Gas Taxonomy or at any of the WAND Taxonomies available, please contact WAND and we can set up a demo.

The WAND Oil and Gas Taxonomy is available to all subscribers to the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal.


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