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WAND Mining Taxonomy Released

I am happy to announce that we've added another major taxonomy to our library. Today, we are officially releasing our new Mining Taxonomy, with 900+ terms and 200+ synonyms covering most major mining business processes including exploration, extraction, extractive metallurgy, geology, and more.

We've spoken to a lot of mining companies who have downloaded the WAND General Business Taxonomy, but until now, the only solution we had was about 100 mining equipment and supplies terms. This was an okay start, but not nearly extensive enough to help a mining company tag all of the different documents that may need to be searched and organized. So, we wanted to build something that was complete and comprehensive for all facets of a mining organization's business.

This new mining taxonomy taxonomy is ideal for a mining company who may have a content management project including in SharePoint 2010, Oracle UCM.

Want to take a look? Send us a note at:


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