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WAND Information Technology Taxonomy Gets a Major Update

The IT world is constantly changing and growing and, of course, the WAND Information Technology Taxonomy grows and changes as well. We don't always talk about our minor updates, but major updates deserve an announcement

We are proud to announce that the WAND Information Technology Taxonomy has undergone a major expansion. We've added brand new top level terms for Data, Computer Graphics and Web Design, and Technologies and Fields.

Data includes concepts for modeling, analyzing, and visualizing data. Basically, data is a key ingredient in most information technology environments and we wanted to be sure that Data was well reflected in our taxonomy. Just as Data is important in IT, so is the front end design - Computer Graphics and Web Design covers GUI and front end related topics. Finally, all of these ingredients of IT applications are used in various fields or applications. Technologies and Fields includes concepts where data, development, and graphics concepts will be deployed, such as Big Data and Internet of Things.

The WAND Information Technology Taxonomy still includes terms in the areas of IT Administration, IT Certifications, Development, Service Providers, and Software Programs and Applications and each of these branches were updated in this revision. This taxonomy now has 4,818 terms and 772 synonyms. The WAND Information Technology Taxonomy can be customized to include specific terms to meet the needs of any Information Technology Department.

As with all WAND Taxonomies, the WAND Information Technology Taxonomy is available by itself or as part of the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal.


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