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WAND Engineering Taxonomy Revision Released

The WAND Engineering Taxonomy has been expanded! The taxonomy now provides 1,611 terms and 736 synonyms that can be customized to include specific terms to meet the document management needs of any company involved in engineering.

Top level terms include Engineering Documents, Drawings, Materials, the Engineering Design Process, Fields, Professional Certifications and Licenses, and Requirements and Standards.

Significant additions have been made to the Design Process, Engineering Documents, and Engineering Drawings.

New sections include Engineering Organizations, Requirements and Standards, and Professional Certifications and Licenses.

The WAND Engineering Taxonomy provides a strong foundation for any enterprise that needs to tag and organize documents relating to the engineering industry.

The companion to this taxonomy is the WAND Manufacturing Taxonomy. As with all WAND Taxonomies, the WAND Engineering Taxonomy is available by itself or as part of the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal.


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