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WAND Building and Construction Management Taxonomy Update!

The WAND Building and Construction Management Taxonomy has undergone an extensive review and update.

This taxonomy is designed specifically to tag and organize all types of documents associated with a construction project and is ideal for any construction management company.

In this revision, Building and Construction Agreements has been expanded and now includes Contract Clauses and Provisions specific to the building and construction domain. Contracts was also refined by project type.

The top level term of Testing and Inspections nearly doubled in size and now includes Methods and Tests for specific building elements. Land Assembly now includes new Zoning and Land Planning concepts. Construction Management now features a section on Construction Claims and other legal liabilities.

Terminology relevant to the construction design phase was expanded to include drawing types, proper sheet numbering, and the official plan review process.

Building codes were updated and expanded with the addition of Codes and Standards Authorities as well as Enforcement Agencies. Codes and Permits were broken down by project element, work type, and type of occupancy.

The updated WAND Building and Construction Management Taxonomy now has 3,928 terms and nearly 3,000 synonyms.

The WAND Building Construction Management Taxonomy is available as a standalone taxonomy or as part of the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal.


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