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WAND Announces Launch of New Taxonomy Portal

WAND Taxonomy Library Portal helps companies develop a corporate taxonomy strategy to improve in-place enterprise information management systems Denver, CO, USA --- WAND, Inc., the world’s leading provider of taxonomies, today announced the launch of its WAND Taxonomy Library Portal. The WAND Taxonomy Library Portal provides an unprecedented resource to help companies who are developing a taxonomy strategy. Taxonomy is a critical element for a cohesive information management strategy across an enterprise. Subscribers to the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal will have access to all of the WAND Taxonomies for use in information management applications such as: • Enterprise Search, • Content Management, • Digital Asset Management, • Spend and Procurement, • Big Data, • Text Analytics, • Business Intelligence, • Ecommerce • Master Data Management Users can browse through WAND Taxonomies to identify and download the specific taxonomies components needed. Multiple download formats are supported. The WAND Taxonomy Library Portal helps companies maximize the return on investment in information management applications by taking full advantage of the taxonomy capabilities of these applications. WAND’s taxonomies cover almost every industry vertical segment as well as business operations common to any company. Topics include Accounting, Auto Parts, Banking, Building and Construction Management, Chemicals, Environmental, Finance & Investment, Foods & Beverages, Higher Education Human Resources, Industrial Equipment, Insurance, IT, Intellectual Property, K-12 Education, Legal, Local Government, Manufacturing, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Mining, Non-Profit, Oil & Gas, Personal Care, Procurement, Products & Services, Project Management, Real Estate, Records Retention, Retail, Sales & Marketing, Scientific & Technical Equipment, Sensory, Skills, Sentiment, Travel, and Utilities. According to Mark Leher, WAND’s COO, “The amount of unstructured information and data inside organizations continues to explode. Companies need a taxonomy strategy to organize information and make it easily accessible to enterprise information workers. The WAND Taxonomy Library Portal is a valuable resource that provides the foundation for a corporate taxonomy strategy.” Leher continued, “What most people don’t realize is that there are more than 150 common enterprise information management applications that are designed to leverage taxonomy. We estimate that most large organizations have already invested in 10-20 of those applications. At WAND, our goal is to provide taxonomies that make those applications more effective and increase the return on investment.”


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