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New Taxonomy Release: WAND Electric and Gas Utility Taxonomy

Today we are releasing the new WAND Electric and Gas Utility Taxonomy. This taxonomy is ideal for any energy utility company and includes 3047 terms.

Top level terms in this taxonomy include Air and Environmental Safety, DSM and Renewable Solutions, Electric, Energy Acquisition Engineering and Planning, Energy Construction Operations and Maintenance, Energy Equipment, Energy Independence, Energy Management, Energy Program, Energy Regulatory and Compliance, Energy Supply Department, Form of Energy Fuel Type, Fuels and Materials Management, Hazardous Energy, Non-Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Renewable Energy, and Smart Technology.

This taxonomy was initially built for, and in conjunction with, a local public utility and was expanded to include topics that are relevant to today’s energy providers

The WAND Electric and Gas Utility Taxonomy, as with all WAND Taxonomies, is available by itself or as part of the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal.


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