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Introducing the WAND Retail Taxonomy

The latest addition to the WAND Taxonomy library is our brand new WAND Retail Taxonomy. The WAND Retail Taxonomy is a comprehensive taxonomy that covers physical stores, eCommerce, inventory, merchandising, retail policies, payment processing, compliance, retail services, and more. The WAND Retail Taxonomy includes 1,359 terms and 388 synonyms.

This taxonomy is ideal for not only for “Bricks-and-Mortar” stores, but for eCommerce Stores and “Bricks-and-Clicks” stores. The WAND Retail Taxonomy is specifically designed to cover business processes, concepts and documents important to a retailer.

The WAND Retail Taxonomy should be combined with the WAND Sales and Marketing Taxonomy which includes the marketing, advertising and public relations terms that are important to the retail business. From this strong starting point, the taxonomy can be customized to cover any retailer specific terminology or needs.

For a retailer who is looking to add taxonomy and attributes to its online website to improve product search and conversion, the WAND Product and Service Taxonomy is a great option.

To see all the taxonomies available from WAND, visit


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