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Introducing the WAND Lean Quality Taxonomy

Quality. It's a word that we talk about all the time. We expect quality in all areas of our lives. We want quality in the goods we buy, the services we seek, and we also expect quality within our own industries and companies.

WAND is introducing a new set of taxonomies that will address the various Quality Control methods available to both manufacturers and enterprises.

The first of these is the WAND Lean Quality Taxonomy.

This taxonomy provides a foundation of 122 terms and 72 synonyms found in the Lean concept.

The WAND Lean Quality Taxonomy covers the topics of Lean Management, Lean Measurements, Lean Principles, and Lean Tools.

It is well suited for any manufacturing company or enterprise that embraces the Lean Quality concepts. These concepts include Continuous Improvement, Respect for People, Teamwork, Perfect First-Time Quality and Just-in-Time Production.

Watch for other soon-to-be released Quality Taxonomies. As with all WAND Taxonomies, it is available by itself or as part of the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal.


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