WAND Product and Service Taxonomy

The WAND Product and Service Taxonomy has been developed over the course of 20 years and includes 43,000 categories covering all products and services.  Organized into a multi-level hierarchy, the WAND Product and Service Taxonomy includes more than 42,000 synonyms, translations into 11 languages (Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Swedish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese), and over a million additional keywords from electronic search environments. Unique attribute templates have been developed for each category making the WAND Product and Service Taxonomy ideal for cataloging and product classification.

The WAND Product and Service Taxonomy is organized into 33 top level packages (some of which are listed separately in this catalog). Components of this taxonomy are also used in WAND’s vertical industry taxonomies, for example in the WAND Oil and Gas Taxonomy.

Mappings to numerous other business or industry classification schemas including UNSPSC, NAICS, SIC-4, SIC-6, HS, multiple yellow pages headings, and more have already been developed and custom mappings to any other classification schemas can be developed.

The WAND Product and Service Taxonomy can be used for business classification, directory categories, spend analysis, query categorization, keyword generation,  website classification, document tagging, and much more.



WAND Product and Service Taxonomy Summary PDF 


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