WAND Medical Administration Taxonomy


The WAND Medical Administration Taxonomy has 1,894 terms and 678 synonyms.  It covers Medical Administration topics such as Medical Services, Patient Admission and Discharge, Patient Programs and Services, Medical Records, Healthcare Systems Management, Administration, Medical Facilities, and Facilities Management. It also covers Medical Facility Oversight, Healthcare Laws, Health Services Schools, Medical Associations, Medical Certification Boards, Medical Credentials and Certifications, Forms and Charts as well as Policies and Procedures. Organized into a straightforward hierarchy, this taxonomy is ideal for a Clinic, Physician's Office, Hospital or Long Term/Short Term Care Center that needs easy access to all the records and documentation necessary to run a well-organized facility. The WAND Medical Administration Taxonomy can be easily customized to meet the document management needs of any medical department. Companion taxonomies to the WAND Medical Administration Taxonomies are the WAND Medical Conditions and Specialties Taxonomy and the WAND Medical Devices Taxonomy.



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