Taxonomy Professional Services

WAND taxonomy professional services consultants have years of experience creating and deploying taxonomies. We are the experts. 
WAND professional services can help your company execute a taxonomy strategy to make sure that you have a successful metadata initiative. Some characteristic types of taxonomy professional service engagements are described below, but contact WAND today to discuss your specific taxonomy services needs.






Custom Taxonomy Road Map

A three week long, fixed-cost engagement ideal for a company who wants to lay out a taxonomy strategy and get organizational buy-in before beginning the actual taxonomy construction. WAND will come on site for 2 days in the first week to:
1) perform an initial content audit;
2) conduct end user interviews to understand how content is used in your organization and what taxonomies are necessary to support effective search and work flow;
3) evaluate any existing taxonomies that may exist in the organization, and; '
4) determine which WAND Foundation Taxonomies can speed up the taxonomy creation process. At the end the three week engagement, WAND will deliver a detailed custom taxonomy road map document that acts as a way forward for deploying taxonomies inside of an organization.


Taxonomy Customization and Development

Perfect for a company who is ready to begin creating taxonomies, but wants expertise to drive the process. The Taxonomy Customization and Development engagement begins with an initial content audit and end user interviews (if you have already completed the Custom Taxonomy Road Map engagement, this step will be complete). WAND will then begin to build out taxonomies (either customizing WAND Foundation Taxonomies, or if necessary starting from scratch) for the areas identified in the content audit. We engage with the client to get iterative feedback on the taxonomy that is being built to ensure the terms and synonyms reflect the terminology the organization uses.
The final deliverable is term sets specifically created and customized for your organization that are ready to be imported into your taxonomy management tool or software solution.


Taxonomy Governance

A taxonomy governance engagement is designed for a company who has taxonomy and wants to make sure it is maintained and grows for the future. WAND will deliver a set of governance policies and procedures reflecting best practices and our years of expertise. The client can then use this document as a guide to govern taxonomy, or WAND can be retained for a few hours each month to perform the governance and maintenance.