SEO Keyword Research

Understanding the keywords that should be featured in your content is an important step to take to maximize traffic on a website and drive a site content strategy


WAND can lead an SEO keyword research initiative by leveraging our taxonomy expertise and leading tools to identify the top keywords, including long-tail keywords, that site content can be designed around. SEO keyword research can be performed for category landing pages as well as individual product pages and can help inform a content generation strategy. From identifying keywords, to suggesting internal site links, and recommending content, WAND's experienced team can handle it all. 


  • Identifying keywords that can be featured in site content
  • Optimizing site navigation names and labels
  • Optimizing attribute and attribute value naming conventions for product refiners
  • Suggesting possible content, such as articles, blogs, reviews, how-to guides, and more, that could be created and linked from keywords
  • Competitor keyword research
  • Traffic and competitor reports



Having built taxonomies covering more than 100,000 terms with additional attributes and keyword meta data numbering in the millions - WAND knows keywords and we know how important choosing the right word is. Let us handle your SEO keyword research.