Query Log Analysis


Site query logs are an invaluable window into the interests of your users.  Query logs tell you exactly what your shoppers and users are searching for, what they are finding, and what they are not finding.  Ongoing monitoring of your user query logs is a best-practice for any website that has a search capability.


  • Group common query variants
  • Identify and resolve low performing queries
  • Integrate keywords back into your site and search as SEO keywords and search best bets
  • Proactively see what your users are looking for to ensure that your site is meeting their needs


Organizing query logs by frequency of the queries is a great way to prioritize the highest value changes that you may make on your site. For example, a high frequency query that is not returning relevant results should be directed to a landing page where relevant products are featured. WAND query log analysis services can be useful for any ecommerce, business listing search, and any search driven websites.