Product Data Enrichment


WAND's product data enrichment services ensures that structured, accurate product information is available on your website. WAND's expert can assign categories, extract relevant attribute values for each product and make sure they are optimized with the right keywords for user search and for search engine optimization. WAND can do SEO keyword research and even create product descriptions. Our team has been creating enriched product data for more than 25 years and our tools are a competitive advantage in delivering speed and accuracy. 





  • Product categorization

  • Product attribution

  • Product description writing

  • SEO Review

  • 3rd party marketplace product listing setup

    • Amazon

    • Rakuten

    • Wal-Mart

    • eBay


Enriched product data is a critical element. Complete and enriched product data has a demonstrable effect on product search, conversion rate, SEO rankings, and user experience. Product content benefits your own site, but also if selling products on marketplaces like Amazon, Wal-Mart, or Rakuten.


Product data is the foundation of online retail. eCommerce can be part of a traditional online retail store but also product marketplaces, B2B sites, and even internal procurement and purchasing applications such as punch-out catalogs.


WAND has over 25 years of experience organizing and classifying product data. With our industry leading product and service taxonomy, WAND has a ready-made structure in place for classifying any SKU to the attribute level to enable sophisticated and detailed search experiences for your end users including search by brands, dimensions, color, key features, and other qualitative and quantitative product features.


We help our clients normalize and structure existing textual product descriptions or even research and develop new product data from scratch. WAND’s processes are scalable to hundreds of thousands of products. Please reach out today if you’d like to discuss your product data needs and to learn how WAND and the WAND Product and Service Taxonomy can help.


Enriched product data includes product categorization, specifications and attributes, feature and benefit bullets, keywords, and product descriptions.