Product Categorization


Having products in the correct taxonomy category is critical to ensure shoppers can find the products they wish to buy. WAND's categorization processes and tools have been proven for years in helping retailers place product SKUs in the appropriate category. WAND leverages internal tools with advanced filtering and automation. WAND integrates taxonomy-based Real Intelligence to suggest accurate categories before they are confirmed by our taxonomists.  


Product Categorization


WAND imports product feeds into our modeling tool and taxonomists place each product into the most appropriate category.  WAND can import your categories (taxonomy) into our metadata modeler and add new categories as appropriate to accommodate products that may not have a good home.


WAND Taxonomists:

  • Categorize products into the best taxonomy tree category
  • Categorize products into marketplace categories (Amazon, Rakuten, eBay, Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, and more)
  • Map your site categories into marketplace categories


If you don't have a taxonomy, WAND's eCommerce and Product Taxonomy Development Services can build a robust structure to categorize your catalog items. Our processes and leading classification tools yield high-quality results and can quickly on-board products into your catalog.