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WANDReview Nov '23 Edition

The latest WAND Taxonomies, Glossaries, CDMs, and Updates

Table of Contents:

New Taxonomy: WAND PII Taxonomy

Building and Construction Taxonomy Update

Local Government Taxonomy Update

Banking Taxonomy Update

What's in a Name?

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New Taxonomy: WAND PII Taxonomy

Personal Identifiable Information, or PII, is any information that helps with the identification of an individual, either directly or indirectly. That can include an individual's name, address, personal identification numbers, as well as personal characteristics and biometric identifiers. They can be combined with less direct identification elements such as gender, race, birth date, geographic indicators, and other descriptors as well. All of that is data, and it is data that is being stored for future reference. But is it being filed efficiently? Is it easily retrievable? Chances are, it is lost in the vast reservoirs of stored data. This is where the WAND PII Taxonomy comes into play. You can organize your documents with ease, train your AI with speed, and begin using PII to find your documents and data immediately! As with all our taxonomies, this strong foundation metadata model can be customized to include additional terms related to your specific needs or industry.

Building & Construction Taxonomy Update

The recent taxonomy update in Building and Construction Management drastically improved categorization by incorporating thousands of new synonyms, streamlining classifications for items such as electric fences, earth-moving equipment, and compressors. This overhaul not only enriched the taxonomy's specificity but also improved search accuracy and accessibility for professionals in the construction industry. The inclusion of diverse terminology ensures a more comprehensive representation of tools and techniques, enhancing the taxonomy's utility for practitioners and researchers alike.

Local Government Taxonomy Update

This most recent taxonomy update introduced a comprehensive integration of State Government Agency terms, enriching the categorization spectrum and interlinking administrative hierarchies. The inclusion of State Government Agency terms not only enhanced the taxonomy's depth but also promoted a clearer delineation of local and regional governance dynamics for researchers, policymakers, and citizens engaging with civic processes.

Banking Taxonomy Updates

In a recent update to the banking taxonomy, there was a focus on term additions related to emerging technologies like blockchain and automation, refining the taxonomy's coverage of modern banking innovations. These additions served to bridge the gap between traditional banking practices and the evolving landscape of fintech, providing a more holistic view for industry professionals and analysts. The inclusion of blockchain and automation within the taxonomy reflects the industry's commitment to staying abreast of technological advancements, offering a more comprehensive framework to study and understand the transformative impact on financial services.

What's in a Name?

Words can mean lots of different things depending on the context, audience, and industry. Understanding the differences and employing a company-wide glossary can avoid a lot of confusion in communications! Consider, if you will, the word...


  • The past tense of wind

  • An injury

WANDReview NOV23
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