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Introducing The WAND Management Taxonomy

The new WAND Management Taxonomy is designed to complement our many business taxonomies.

This taxonomy provides a foundation of 217 terms and 155 synonyms and can be customized to include terms specific to the needs of the organization.

Top level terms in the WAND Management Taxonomy are Organizational Structures, Management Levels, Management Functions, as well as Management Documents and Reports.

Included in Management Functions are terms relating to the day-to-day management of an organization.

As anyone in management knows, there are also a lot of documents and reports generated by an organization's management team. Terms relating to the direction of the business, the organizing, planning, and other management activities are also well-covered in this taxonomy.

The WAND Management Taxonomy, as with all WAND Taxonomies, is available by itself or as part of the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal.


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