• Mark Leher

How to use taxonomy-based employee skills profiles to staff projects with high impact teams

Ever get an email like this? Ever send one?

"Hi, I’m looking for resources with expertise/experience in Data Analysis and Oracle 11g – ideally somebody who has experience in Germany. And, this person needs to speak Spanish. Do you have any suggestions of who I may be able to reach out to that has this type of expertise?"

Yikes. Wouldn't it be amazing if there were a single place where you could search for the combination of skills required to complete a project and instantly see the profiles of the employees who match that skillset? Sounds easy. Sounds fast. Sounds efficient.

DiscoverMe, the leading employee skills and expert search application, has a new advanced search allowing for taxonomy-based skills to be combined in a single query and return the profiles of the employees that have the exact combination of skills needed to do the job. Profiles are ranked and returned based on the match to the combination of skills you are looking for. Partial fits are included too; people who don't match every skill you need will still show up in search results, but will be are ranked lower and will have the missing skills greyed out.

This is all possible thanks to taxonomy-based DiscoverMe skills profiles. Employees become discoverable with a profile featuring the skills and expertise they can offer.

What if nobody in the organization has all the skills you need for a project? Instant training opportunity! Critical skills gaps can be identified and filled so your company is always prepared to meet client or internal project requirements.

Stop burning cycles with inefficient and old-fashioned methods of searching for team members. Don't waste any more money hiring outside consultants when you already pay people with the skills you need in house.

DiscoverMe is no longer limited to finding experts - DiscoverMe now helps you assemble high impact teams.

DiscoverMe (www.discovermepro.com) can be a strategic asset for any organization and is a great way to begin to bring taxonomy into an organization. If you would like to see a demonstration of DiscoverMe and its new team building feature, please connect with me on LinkedIn.