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Check out WAND's New Insurance Taxonomy

In the numerous conversations we've had with customers recently about enterprise search, Sharepoint 2010, Oracle SES and UCM, and other platform, Insurance Taxonomy was a topic that kept coming up. So, we went into our caves and a short while later have emerged with version 1 of our Insurance Industry Taxonomy.

This is a great new taxonomy that has over 1550 preferred terms and several hundred synonyms. We've addressed both sides of the insurance business: 1) Writing policies and 2) investing premiums. The taxonomy covers different types of insurance, coverages, policy terms, regulatory and risk management terminology, investment types, investment strategies, finance and accounting, and important industry ratios.

This taxonomy can be imported into Sharepoint 2010, Oracle UCM, Oracle SES, and any other software package that can accept taxonomies.

Please reach out if you'd like to learn more. I'd be happy to walk anybody who's interested through a demo of the taxonomy.


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