Enterprise Content Management Taxonomy

Ineffective enterprise search may be costing companies $5,000 per employee each year in wasted time.
Enterprise documents are disorganized across a wide variety of systems and difficult to find. Further, there is no common nomenclature upon which employees can rely on to find documents and to electronically file newly created documents.
The problem can be simply described: How does an enterprise tag content in a way that it can easily be found in search.
Basic keyword search doesn't solve the problem. Keyword search brings back too many results, making it difficult to find the right information.
Taxonomies provide a structure vocabulary for tagging and organizing enterprise information and well as establishing a common enterprise wide vocabulary. Enterprise taxonomies can add guided navigation to search results to help drill down into keyword search results and refine the results for greater relevance. Taxonomy synonyms also allow a worker to search for concepts instead of keywords. For example a search for the keyword “attorney” can also include “lawyer” so complete information about the concept is returned. Simply, taxonomies make information more findable and improve the productivity of knowledge workers.
Building such a vocabulary from scratch can be a daunting task. WAND provides a taxonomy library to jump-start creation of an enterprise taxonomy. The WAND taxonomies can be customized to include terminology which is specific to a company.