eCommerce Taxonomy & Category Audit


Are you planning for the launch of a new eCommerce website or perhaps struggling to realize the projected revenue targets of an existing solution? WAND provides a powerful collection of tools, data, and expertise to quickly audit, assess, and recommend opportunities for improving the online shopping experience.




  • WAND's audit process will focus on your merchandising or presentation taxonomy to identify major areas of risk
  • WAND taxonomists can perform an end-to-end audit or a sub-set of the navigational taxonomy based on your criteria (by revenue, volume, season, conversion metrics, etc.)
  • Audit findings will pinpoint issues with taxonomy structure, refiner/filter effectiveness, or general website usability issues affecting the customer experience
  • Audit provides notes for all findings and data visualizations to quickly identify clusters or hotspots of concern across the taxonomy
  • Audit highlights areas of success for validation of design


If you have concerns about your merchandising/presentation taxonomy, WAND's eCommerce Taxonomy and Category Audit can provide high-quality insights within weeks - not months. Our processes and expertise make this a high-value exercise and simplify efforts to move-the-needle towards long-lasting improvement.




eCommerce Taxonomy & Category Audit