DiscoverMe® is the best way to collect an accurate, comprehensive skills profile on every worker and use your new skills inventory to find expertise quicker than ever before.


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Wouldn't you like to have a single source where you could see the skills and talents of each worker?


What if you could easily find and connect with the experts in your company? Wouldn't your workers feel more connected if they could recognize colleague's contributions and be recognized by others? Watch a five-minute video for a short overview of DiscoverMe®




Today, workers in large organizations are in silos with no way to find out who knows what. Investments are made in communication and collaboration technologies, but if a person wants to use these tools to solve a problem there is no way to find out who to ask. Workers may have several different profiles in various applications, but none are easy to fill out and free text entry screens lead to inconsistent and incomplete profile data.

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Research indicates that workers place high importance on finding people and their areas of knowledge when using enterprise search.



Deployed as an add-in for Microsoft SharePoint, DiscoverMe® provides a single place where workers can fill out a rich, skills based profile to make their knowledge and know-how available for anybody in the company to find. DiscoverMe® includes predefined skill lists to make it easy for workers to add relevant skills to a profile. With complete and consistent DiscoverMe® profiles, people can quickly find the experts they need to solve problems and stop wasting time looking for information.





Bring people in your organization together with DiscoverMe®


  • Customizable worker talent profiles
  • Expertise search and advanced people finder
  • Skill recommendations and endorsements
  • Custom reports from DiscoverMe® profile data
  • Predefined skill lists for every industry and business function
  • SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019, and SharePoint Online


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