Apache Atlas Taxonomy

WAND Taxonomies provide a foundation set of relevant terms businesses can use to populate the Apache Atlas business glossary



Apache Atlas is a metadata management and governance application to help organizations establish a data governance framework. While created with a focus on Hadoop,  

Apache Atlas includes a business glossary capability where organizations can establish, define, and govern the terms that they will use to classify and catalog data assets.


Apache Atlas Business Glossary
Apache Atlas Term Detail Page



Taxonomy concepts can be entered into the Apache Atlas Business Glossary UI manually. There is no file import in the UI.

Apache Atlas supports a REST API with support for creating, editing, and deleting categories, terms, and hierarchies.  Details about the API are published at https://atlas.apache.org/api/v2/index.html and a Swagger UI to test the API is at https://atlas.apache.org/api/v2/ui/index.html#/


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