WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal

Pre-defined content and tools to jump-start the creation of an attribute level product or service taxonomy

Site navigation, product search refinement, specification level product detail, and product comparison are four critical components to a successful ecommerce site.   Unfortunately, creating an attribute level taxonomy is expensive and most ecommerce platforms and product information management systems don't provide content to help retailers get started.  

The WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal combines an extensive library of 45,000 pre-defined hierarchical categories and 70,000 attributes with advanced taxonomy development toolset that together make building a detailed, attribute level product taxonomy lighting fast and dead simple.    You can create a new taxonomy or augment an existing taxonomy that you've uploaded into the portal.   Instead of doing laborious category and attribute research, start with the extensive WAND Product and Service Taxonomy hierarchies and attribute templates and simply choose what you want to keep.  

WAND understands that a pre-defined taxonomy can be a huge jump start, but our clients also want the flexibility to highlight the product attributes that are most important to their customers.  Custom attributes can quickly and simply be added to the foundation provided by WAND to quickly create something that is tailor made for your product catalog.

The WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal is ideal for online retailers, distributors, wholesalers, master data management (MDM), or any other product data applications.

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 Product Features:
  • Library of 44,000 product and service categories with pre-defined attribute models and hierarchy to jumpstart an ecommerce tree
  • Access to 70,000+ attributes and 261,000+ attribute values
  • Intuitive drag and drop taxonomy hierarchy editor
  • Simple and fast new category creation
  • Unlimited custom attribute support
  • Numeric, single-select, and multi-select attribute types
  • Drag and drop attribute re-ordering
  • Optional Attribute Inheritance
  • Import, edit, and augment existing ecommerce taxonomies
  • Manage multiple taxonomies
  • Customizable data output formats to publish a taxonomy to your product information management (PIM) system or ecommerce content management system of choice
  • Web-based application

WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal Product Summary

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 WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal