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Managed Metadata 101: Taxonomies and Tagging in SharePoint

Managed Metadata 140: SharePoint Taxonomy, Managed Metadata, and the New Document Library Experience

Managed Metadata 201: Advanced Taxonomy in SharePoint

Managed Metadata 301: Term Store Custom Properties and Taxonomy Governance in SharePoint

Managed Metadata 415: Taxonomy Based Skills Profiles and Expert Search in SharePoint

5 Key Elements to a Successful Ecommerce Taxonomy - WAND and Informatica Joint Webinar


Solution Papers 

WAND Taxonomy Library Portal Overview

Taxonomy and your Business: Rapid Fire Facts

WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Overview

Before and After: The Impact of WAND Taxonomy on SharePoint Search



WAND Taxonomy Library Portal Testimonials

WAND Taxonomy Library Portal for SharePoint - Boutique Investment Firm

WAND Taxonomy Library Portal for IBM Watson Explorer - Fortune 50 Insurance Company

WAND Holiday 2017 Testimonial - The North Pole


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How to Efficiently Create a Corporate Taxonomy

Building the Business Case for Taxonomy

The Value of Descriptive Metadata for Enterprise Search

Why Your Organization Needs a Records Retention Policy


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Five Reasons Detailed Product Specs are Critical for Killer eCommerce

Taxonomy: The Missing Signal in Microsoft Delve

Five Reasons Why Taxonomy Should be Part of Your SharePoint Migration

Why Microsoft Teams should integrate SharePoint Managed Metadata and Taxonomy

Why Microsoft should turn the SharePoint Term Store into the next killer Office application



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