WAND Taxonomy Library Portal

Taxonomies can be used in more than 150 common enterprise applications.   Access the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal and download pieces from any of the WAND Taxonomies to construct the perfect taxonomy for your application and your enterprise.

Taxonomy Professional Services

Not finding a WAND Taxonomy that fits your needs? WAND professional services can help you create any taxonomy from scratch or customize any of the pre-built WAND Taxonomies just for you.   Learn more about WAND taxonomy professional services.

WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal and PIM

The WAND eCommerce Taxonomy Portal and PIM combines an extensive library of attribute level taxonomy content with simple customization tools in a web based portal.  It is the fastest and easiest way to create a high quality product taxonomy for ecommerce, MDM, and any other catalog applications.  From there, simple tools allow you to manage your catalog and assign attributes to your products.